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Bits & Pieces

by Christina in Bits & Pieces

Mountain Weddings

Small weddings are on the rise as couples seek to make their weddings a more personal and intimate celebration. Lonely beaches are very popular, but what could be dreamier than getting married on a mountaintop, surrounded by all of nature’s glory? Mountain weddings make a unique alternative to the standard beach destination wedding.

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by Theresa in Bits & Pieces

TimeTour: A Virtual Time Travel Experience of Innsbruck

Have you ever wondered what it used to be like in Innsbruck in the year 1905? Well, there was an iron bridge over the Inn River, a tram route across Maria-Theresien-Street and a custom house in front of the Triumphal Arch. I know that because we placed ourselves back in time: Thanks to a VR-enhanced…

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by Anja in Bits & Pieces

Which Trail Food Type are You?

When you’re preparing to go out for a hike, food can make or break your ascent—and did you know that everything tastes better at altitude? You get to meet different types of personalities on the trail, and they all pack different snacks to keep their energy levels up. Here are five different types of trail…

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by Guest Author in Bits & Pieces

The early bird catches the worm

There is nothing that our author finds more difficult than getting up early. Can she learn to appreciate the morning hours with the help of local farmers high in the mountains of Tirol?

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by Fiona Park in Bits & Pieces

Snowbombing And Other Awesome Activities In Mayrhofen

There are end-of-season parties, and then there’s Snowbombing. During the second week of April, party animals, music lovers and snowsports fans flock to Mayrhofen to enjoy a week of great music in epic locations. Where else can you catch a Mark Ronson set in an igloo, followed by a rave night with Fatboy Slim in…

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