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Kaunertal Glacier: A Quick Lap through the Terrain Park

With winter around the corner, the snowboard & freeski scene makes the journey into Kaunertal Valley: From October through late May, when the Spring Classics take place, snow heroes leap, carve and stomp landings in some of the most beautiful terrain parks in Tirol, the Kaunertal Snowpark.

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by Rosanna in Companies

Hintertux Glacier Ski Resort: Behind the Scenes

Jürg Tarmann, aged 60, is the experienced head of the grooming crew and provides a superb training ground for ski teams and upcoming professionals from all corners of the globe at Hintertux Glacier, the only real year-round ski area in Austria. Hintertux is open for skiing 365 on the namesake glacier. There’s a terrain park,…

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The Alpine Research Centre Obergurgl – The Perfect Haven to Do Research, Explore, Escape and … Indulge.

Perched high in the mountains, where the trees give way to open spaces and where the sunlight reflects the glistening white sprawling sparkling glaciers… is where you will find the Alpine Research Centre Obergurgl, ringed by jagged and snow-capped “Three-Thousanders”, high altitude peaks averaging 3,000 meters in elevation. Despite its high-elevation location, the research station…

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Cairo, New York, St. Nikolaus: Refined Product Design by Nina Mair

A humble nameplate without pretentions, in a pretty-as-a-chocolate-box courtyard in Innsbruck’s district of St. Nikolaus: NINA MAIR, proclaiming that this building is home to a studio that works internationally in architecture and product design with a focus on creating sustainable products and spaces that generate identity for clients around the globe. A bathtub carved from…

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25 Degrees Outward – Meet a Tirol Sled Maker

Gallzeiner Company in Tirol’s Unterinntal has been handcrafting some of the finest wood sleds on the market for 40 years. Gallzeiner Sleds are widely respected for their craftsmanship and quality is the priority. They don’t want to turn their sledges into a mass product—instead, they give the same time, energy, and dedication to each and…

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