Feel Good

Feel Good

by Marion in Feel Good

Truly Natural Cosmetics: 6 Must-Try Beauty Products from Tirol

Our skin is our largest sensory organ. Through skin we perceive and feel the world outside, and we show our beauty in the way our skin appears. So if you fancy getting to grips with some truly natural and organic beauty products, full of local folk remedies and knowledge handed down from generation to generation,…

3 min. Reading time
by Rosanna in Feel Good

Feeling the Forest

Is it a walk in the woods – or a therapy session? In Tirol visitors can try forest bathing with a trained guide. The idea? Reducing stress.

6 min. Reading time
by Mary in Feel Good

How to improve your fitness on a one-week trip to the Tirol

Want to give your muscles a workout whilst enjoying some of the finest landscapes in Europe? With mountain biking, hiking, rafting and more to choose from in the Austrian Alps, it’s surprisingly easy. Here’s how you can be both fit and healthy on a seven-day holiday in the Tirol.

4 min. Reading time
by Christina in Feel Good

Wake Up & Stay Alert! The Best Ways to Combat Spring Fatigue

It is really mean. The sun is shining, the days are growing longer and the open-air season has begun. Spring has sprung, but not everyone feels energetic. For some, it is a season of leaden limbs and fits of yawning. While the world is waking up, they want to go to sleep. Observing the total…

9 min. Reading time
There’s something so grounding about yoga in the mountains: Nurture your body, mind and spirit in Tirol.
by Fabienne in Feel Good

Find Your Bliss: Yoga in Tirol

“Virabhadrasana” and “Adho Mukha Svanasana” are two of the most recognized yoga poses in the West. As one of the most outdoorsy and active countries in the world, Tirol promotes personal wellbeing through outdoor adventures such as hiking, running, mountain biking and skiing. But even here at the Heart of the Alps, where all sorts…

5 min. Reading time
by Ines in Feel Good

The Ways of Water in Tirol: Healing Wells and Springs

Tirol is a land of spectacular mountain and canyon scenery. White water is pounding its way down the heart of the mountains, rushing as fast as it can go, having no mercy on anything it might take down the mountain with it. The streams and torrents tumble down from the mountains, rushing through forests to…

6 min. Reading time
by Sebastian Höhn in Feel Good

“Nature Is My Herb Garden”

Comfrey Ointment, Spirit of Wild Thyme, and Birch Leaf Tea: While some people are finally starting to discover the amazing powers in healing herbs, others have been using herbs to heal for hundreds of years, handed down from generation to generation. Elisabeth Maaß, a farmer’s wife from Ried in Tirol’s Upper Inntal Valley, is one…

5 min. Reading time
by Julia in Feel Good

Mindfulness for Beginners

Nature whispers and boots creak in the midst of a thousand shades of snow. All that is heard amidst the winter silence is your breath and the rhythmic crunch of snow beneath your feet. And chirping birds, somewhere away from here. The sleepy, quiet sunlight is dancing with the trees. The crisp air is spiced…

5 min. Reading time
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