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by Eckard in Food & Drink

Wilder Kaiser Region: Awesome Places to Stay & Dine

Many travel far and wide to discover the bounty of beauty that is jagged and rugged Kaiser Mountain Range in every season. Set against the impressive backdrop of legendary climbing peaks, like the 2,344-meter summit of Ellmauer Halt, this scenic region oozes charm while putting visitors on the doorstep of Tirol outdoor adventures. Sure, there’s superb skiing…

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by Eckard in Food & Drink

My Six Best Coffee Shops with Cakes in Innsbruck

I have to admit, I like a little sweetness in my life every now and then. A steaming cup of freshly brewed coffee. A delicate cake. A spoonful of sugar really does help everything go down. Whatever tantalising treat you’re in the mood for, let the experts do the work and delve into six of…

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by Eva in Food & Drink

Seasonal Delicacies at Tirol’s Christmas Markets

In addition to classic staples, you’ll find a wonderful array of local holiday delicacies just waiting to delight your family and friends at Tirol’s Christmas Markets. The biggest culinary indicators that the holiday season has arrived in the Heart of the Alps!

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by Julia in Food & Drink

Cranberry Sauce: My best Recipe

In Tirol, fall is the season to pick “Granten” (cranberries) and to make them into homemade, fresh, fruity cranberry sauce. Here’s a classic, simple and easy recipe for making delicious cranberry sauce from scratch. At this time of year, cranberries are absolutely perfect with venison.

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by Eckard in Food & Drink

Johann Egger Cooks: Grilled Venison Loin with Wild Herb Crust

Young chef Johann Egger puts a culinary spin on traditional Alpine staples. His innovative style of cooking uses fresh and local ingredients and an inventive twist on classic favourites. The result is a spectacular menu of dishes you won’t soon forget, from charcoal butter with grilled venison loin and salad with beer dressing to grilled…

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