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by Klaus in Food & Drink

“Strauben”: The Original Recipe to Try at Home

“Strauben” are Tirol’s answer to funnel cakes: A batter of flour, eggs and milk is poured through a funnel, fried to even brownness and sprinkled with powdered sugar – a wonderfully crispy dessert that is fun to make at home.

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by Klaus in Food & Drink

“Apfelradln”: Enjoy the Taste of Tirol at Home

Apples, flour, eggs and milk. That’s all you need to make “Apfelradln”, one of the most popular sweet treats in Tirol. Mix them all together and pop them in the pan with a little butter for a few minutes et voilà. Check out the recipe below for what we think is probably the best way…

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by Theresa in Food & Drink

Cooking Recipe by Chef Michael Ploner: “Tiroler Paunzen” with Applesauce

World Champion at the 2018 Culinary World Cup in Luxembourg, Michael Ploner prepares fresh, locally sourced ingredients together skilfully at his parents’ Alpen-Comfort-Hotel Central in Nauders. The young celebrity chef likes giving his thoughtfully crafted fare a bit of a fun twist by making extensive use of the rich variety of herbs found in Tirol.…

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by Klaus in Food & Drink

Buchteln: A Sweet Treat from Tirol

Butter, schnapps, sugar, flour and eggs: the ingredients for Buchteln are enough to make a dietician run a mile, but we don’t care. We’re talking real soul food. Buchteln are one of the tastiest sweet dishes from Tirol and a real favourite of ours. They look a little bit like miniature clouds when they come…

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by Eva in Food & Drink

Recipe: Baking Bread the Tirolean Way

No good “Marend” (the Tirolean dialect word for a late-afternoon snack) or breakfast in the mountains would be complete without a loaf of freshly baked bread. Here is a great recipe for all you amateur bakers at home.

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by Eckard in Food & Drink

Fine, Fruity, Formidable – The Best Schnapps From Tirol

Autumn is the time of year in Tirol when preparations are in full swing at local distilleries to turn local fruit and turnips into schnapps. As winter arrives, the distilling process begins. When it comes to drinking these fine, fruity and formidable creations, however, there is no special season. Anytime is good! Just remember one…

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