by Wolfgang Westermeier in Nature

5 Natural Winter Wonders in Tirol

Winter transforms Tirol’s landscape. Craggy mountains are wrapped in a thick layer of snow. Temperatures plunge in the region’s ravines and canyons. Mighty waterfalls turn into skyscrapers of ice. Here are five natural wonders which take on a totally different atmosphere in the winter months.

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by Maximilian Gerl in Nature

The Snow Whisperers

What will the snow be like this year? This is the question on everyone’s lips in Tirol as winter approaches. Finding an answer is often complicated. We set out in search of clues –indoors and outdoors.

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by Maximilian Gerl in Nature

22 Facts about snow

Everyone knows what snow looks like. But did you know that it can scream, is actually black and has become an art genre in its own right? Snow is a fascinating thing. Wherever it falls, snow changes the landscape and the environment – but snow itself is also very changeable. We humans have been fascinated by…

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by Wolfgang Westermeier in Nature

In Other Spheres

When you are standing in a valley, you look up into the sky. When you are on the top of a mountain, you gaze into the distance. When you are floating high up in the sky in a hot-air balloon, your view of the world will change once again: During a journey over wintery Tirol,…

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by Guest Author in Feel Good

My Face Cream, My Body Oil, My Bath Salts

Autumn is a time to relax, to enjoy, to slow down. And it is the perfect time of year to learn about Tirol’s wild herbs – not for cooking but for making natural cosmetics. I met up with a local expert to discover what the region’s woods, pastures and meadows have to offer my skin.

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by Jannis in Nature

A Sea of Colour: Tirol’s Best Autumn Walks and Hikes

Shimmering in a thousand shades of red, orange, yellow and brown, Tirol’s trees are a spectacular sight in autumn. The golden transition from summer to winter is for many the best time of year for walks and hikes, either down in the valley or up in the mountains before the first snows arrive. Here are…

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by Irene in Arts & Culture

Valley Life: Achensee

If there are high mountains, you’ll also encounter low valleys. The view sweeps over a furrowed landscape. In the series “Valley Life“ I write about the various Tirolean valleys and tell stories of so much life in so little space. My goal is to introduce visitors from all over the world to Tirol and to…

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by Benjamin in Bits & Pieces

Tirol Mountain Hut Ethics for Dummies

Tirol’s huts offer all the necessities; however, we want to point out that a mountain cabin is not a hotel— instead, these are places that encourage hikers to slow down, to interact and to leave no trace.

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