by Klaus in Nature

Five Walks for Snow Lovers

Not skiing or riding today? Discover the awesome beauty of Tirol’s winter wonderland with thickets of snow-laden trees, silent white meadows and trails running parallel to frozen creeks. No special skills required… just the desire to experience nature, the outdoors and get some exercise. Pull on your boots, wrap up warm and get moving –…

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by Jannis in Nature

Tirol Alpinist Association Refuges for Overnighters in Golden October

For many avid walkers, there’s nothing quite like hiking during the autumn months. The crowds of summer have largely disappeared, the wonderful mix of explosive colours, deep blue, cloudless skies and crisp, nostalgic breezes have taken their place and the surrounding high peaks may already have a dusting of snow. Fortunately, there are nice Alpinist…

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by Rosanna in Feel Good

Feeling the Forest

Is it a walk in the woods – or a therapy session? In Tirol visitors can try forest bathing with a trained guide. The idea? Reducing stress.

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by Michael in Nature

Five Hikes for Water Lovers

Splish-splash! A sound enjoyed by many hikers. Especially at the end of an exhausting tour, when they like nothing better than cooling off in a mountain lake – an abundance of which can be found in Tirol. The following refreshing walks are highly recommended:

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by Michael in Nature

Nature Watch Spectacle: Rutting Season

What could be better than watching stags lock antlers in a head-to-head battle? Rutting season is the most exciting time of year to view wildlife in Tirol as they engage in fierce mating battles.

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by Michael in Nature

Out in the Wild. Wildlife Photography Stories from the Field

“My biggest dream was to take a picture of a common buzzard approaching a branch,” says Fabio Hain, “I have been working one and a half years to get this shot.” Fabio’s dream came true. With his inspiring photographs, the young wildlife photographer aims at raising awareness and spark appreciation and awe of Tirol’s nature…

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by Eckard in Nature

Identifying Alpine Wildflowers in Tirol

As you set foot in the Alps, the seemingly infinite array of peaks spread out before you will most likely grab your immediate attention. I’ve been playing the peak identification game on hikes for many years, trying to name as many of the surrounding summits as possible. However, what’s right beneath my feet is something…

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by Sebastian Höhn in Nature

“Nature Is My Herb Garden”

Comfrey Ointment, Spirit of Wild Thyme, and Birch Leaf Tea: While some people are finally starting to discover the amazing powers in healing herbs, others have been using herbs to heal for hundreds of years, handed down from generation to generation. Elisabeth Maaß, a farmer’s wife from Ried in Tirol’s Upper Inntal Valley, is one…

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