by Benjamin in Sports

7 Ways to Carry Your Skis

The Helicopter, The Tram or Blind Destruction – how do you carry your skis? Next time you are waiting in line at the lift or sipping on a cool drink at the après-ski bar, take a look at the people around you and in particular at how they transport their winter sports equipment. We have…

4 min. Reading time
by Sandra Langmann in Feel Good

Take time to relax!

In our digital affluent society, we are longing for complete calmness and peace more than anything else. But how can we achieve this? Our author has escaped into the mountains to find out how and where to relax best. Is it by burning off energy? Meditating? Could a rush of adrenalin be the answer? Find…

9 min. Reading time
by Esther in Sports

My Favourite Springtime Road Bike Rides In and Around Tirol

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my road bike. There are very few corners of Tirol which I haven’t explored on two wheels. Here are my favourite springtime road bike rides in Tirol or at least starting in Tirol (long rides often take me into neighbouring provinces within Austria or even neighbouring countries).…

7 min. Reading time
by Julia in Feel Good

A Pilgrim’s Progress

“All roads lead to Rome,” the saying goes. However, everyone knows that pilgrimages are about more than just getting from A to B. They are a chance to escape the stress of daily life, to be at one with yourself – and to explore the nature of Tirol.

10 min. Reading time
by Guest Author in Sports

Ice, Ice Baby!

Tirol is famous for skiing and cross-country skiing in winter. However, there are also other adventures for you to embark on in the snowy mountains: ice climbing for example. Today, our author will tell you more about his first ice climbing experience.

10 min. Reading time
by Riki in Sports

Night Ski Touring on the Pistes

Ski touring enthusiasts visiting Tirol will be pleased to know that the resorts around Innsbruck have developed a rota system to allow ski touring at night (and during the day) on the groomed slopes. After a long day at work, many locals take the opportunity to clip into their skis, walk up to one of…

8 min. Reading time
by Klaus in Recommendations

Five Nordic Ski Races for Everyone

Each year, more and more people are discovering how much satisfaction can come from Nordic skiing. To find some of that satisfaction yourself, check out any one of the large-scale Nordic races happening across Tirol each winter—if you want to suit up and jump in, here are five of the coolest events.

3 min. Reading time
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