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by Theresa in Recommendations

The Top 10 Places in Tirol to Visit in 2019

Amazing views, the fluffiest “Kaiserschmarren” ever and a place to connect with nature and yourself… handpicked by our blog authors, the best places to visit in Tirol have something special to offer every visitor. If you’re one of the fortunate who’ll be traveling to Tirol in 2019, consider some of these very best places during…

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by Klaus in Bits & Pieces

Five Winter Fun Activities for Kids

Wintertime in Tirol is not only synonymous with downhill skiing. Its snow-capped peaks, powder-filled valleys and sun-soaked skies make Tirol a winter wonderland filled with fun things to fill a winter’s day. Here are five winter fun activities that are sure to please every member of your family.

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by Guest Author in Sports

Flying or Lying

Our author attempted to learn the Nordic Combined discipline without any previous experience in this type of sport. He travelled to Tirol for his premiere. He learned how to defeat gravity and the lassitude of one’s own soul. And returned a happier person for it.

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TEXT Günter Kast | PHOTOS Robert Fischer
by Guest Author in Bits & Pieces

I paint over problem areas

Everyone knows them: the panoramic maps on giant display boards in the ski region, or in folded information leaflets from the tourist information offices. What most people do not know: these maps are drawn by hand. Only a few experts worldwide have mastered the techniques required to do this. One of them is Heinz Vielkind.…

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by Benjamin in Bits & Pieces

What kind of skier are you?

The ski lifts and cable cars are back in motion transporting wintersports enthusiasts high up into the mountains. Huddled together inside them are different types of skiers you are sure to find wherever you carve your turns. Here is our quick guide to the classic categories of people out on the slopes.

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Selection of our most interesting stories about huts, traditional recipes and the people who make Tirol what it is.

by Klaus in Sports

Five XC Ski Tracks for the Physically Inclined

You glide silently on freshly-made tracks alongside trees laden with snow, finding your rhythm as you kick, stride and glide across the snow… nothing can beat the aerobic treat that is cross country skiing! Gaining in popularity from year to year, XC skiing offers a special combination of pure, serene wilderness, and energizing outdoor discovery.…

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by Eva in Bits & Pieces

10 Reasons Why We Love Winter in Tirol

Winter is my favorite season. I’m admitting it proudly, publicly, and with very clear intention—although there is something irresistible about this country in all four seasons. I have always been a winter girl and I start counting down the days until the temperatures drop and the first snow falls each year in August. For all…

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by Guest Author in Bits & Pieces

Nights on the Mountain

The stars twinkle in the sky. The moon’s reflection shimmers in the snow. A few lights are flashing down in the valley. And a heavenly kind of peace prevails over the peaks. You can discover the mountains anew in the early or late evening hours. Allow us to introduce you to the most beautiful places…

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by Rosanna in Arts & Culture

10 Surprising Facts About “Silent Night! Holy Night!”

On Christmas Eve 1818, a song was born that would wing its way into the hearts of people throughout the world. Now translated into hundreds of languages, “Silent Night! Holy Night!” is sung by untold millions every December – but how did this particular tune come to achieve such popularity? Here are ten surprising (and…

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