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by Guest Author in Nature

Tirol’s “Big Five”

Here in Tirol, wild animals can be found everywhere: in the supermarket, at the ski lifts, on the walls of mountain huts and, of course, filling the shelves of souvenir shops. Admittedly, these are reproductions of Tirol’s “Big Five” – golden eagle, marmot, chamois, bearded vulture and ibex – and not the real thing, but they…

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by Klaus in Arts & Culture

Loud and Proud: Folk Music from Tirol

What do you think of when you hear the name Tirol? Men in Lederhosen? Sure. Women in Dirndln? Of course. But what about the music? We have put together a playlist featuring some of the best traditional music from Tirol including brass bands and accordions as well as less well-known instruments such as the dulcimer…

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by Christina in Arts & Culture

Of Giants, Kings and Monsters: Tales from Tirol

Tirol is home to countless tales, myths and legends about miraculous meetings and extraordinary events. Passed on from one generation to the next, they have become part of regional folklore. Whether or not they are true depends very much on who you speak to. However, in some cases there is evidence indicating that the events…

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by Klaus in Recommendations

Ten Virtual Museums and Guided Tours in Tirol

To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus in the region, Tirol’s museums and galleries are currently closed to the public. We have therefore put together a list of ten great virtual museum experiences and guided tours for all those keen to enjoy a bit of Tirolean culture from the comfort of their own homes. Ready?…

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Selection of our most interesting stories about huts, traditional recipes and the people who make Tirol what it is.

by Christina in Arts & Culture

The Tirol Dictionary: The Essential Guide for Beginners

I once read that Tiroleans are said to be a cunning, lederhosen-wearing mountain people who yodel. Well, honestly speaking, I wouldn’t describe us as ‘cunning’; I’d rather say we are kind of pig-headed, maybe. Don’t worry, the Tiroleans are still very friendly and welcoming people. If you befriend with those guys and they go to…

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by Klaus in Recommendations

Top Ten Places for a Virtual Visit to Tirol

Staying home is not exactly the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Tirol, but we have come up with a solution for all those keen to enjoy the majesty of the Austrian Alps from the comfort of their couch. Check out our top ten attractions for a virtual visit to Tirol and join us…

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by Eva in Arts & Culture

Tirolean Cheese Dumplings: The original recipe to try at home

Stopping for lunch on the on-mountain eatery last Saturday I had resolved to opt for something else from the menu. In conclusion, I ended up with my favorite comfort food, my ski-day temptation par excellence: Kaspressknödel (Cheese dumplings). In fact, they are not real dumplings: they don’t have the form of a ball and they…

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