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by Klaus in Sports

Five Best Mountain Bike Rides for Explorers

Full of jaw-dropping scenery, breathtaking vistas and amazing downhill cruising, Tirol has long been a sought-after destination for mountain bikers. With an incomprehensible amount of 5,800 kilometers of trails, this is truly a mountain biker’s playground. That landscape also makes it a no-brainer for great e-biking, which enables riders to cover more ground in less…

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by Guest Author in Nature

Go with the flow

Tirol‘s central lifeline begins as a wild mountain stream at the Swiss border and rushes with impressive power through the Imster Schlucht gorge near the town of Landeck. From there it continues its journey a more gentle fashion through the rest of the region. We set out to discover life on the Inn and followed…

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by Mathea in Sports

Fit for mountain biking!

The mountain biking season is finally here! As with every other sport, it is important to prepare your body for the stresses and strains specific to mountain biking. As well as good overall cardiovascular fitness, riders need strong legs to push the pedals uphill as well as a strong upper body to deal with tricky…

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Selection of our most interesting stories about huts, traditional recipes and the people who make Tirol what it is.

by Klaus in Recommendations

10 Tips to Beat the Heat in Tirol

With temperatures soaring above 30°C, many will be seeking out ways to escape the heat. Fortunately, no matter how hot it is, there’s always a couple of good ways to cool down in the Alps. Whether it’s heading to higher elevation or underground or splashing around in a crystal clear tarn, there are plenty of…

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by Klaus in Sports

Upstream Surfing in Tirol

Mention Tirol and the mind turns to mountains, skiing, maybe mountain biking or yodelling. But not surfing. Yet in this mountainous country thousands of miles from the seas, a growing number of landlocked surf addicts are heading for Inn River to catch a wave.

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by Klaus in Sports

Five Rock Climbing Areas for All Ages

Climbing builds self-esteem, improves strength and balance, and teaches how to focus on a task. Rock climbing in the great outdoors of Tirol is a wonderful opportunity for families to exercise together while having fun. Here are five outstanding family-friendly rock climbing areas that offer fantastic scrambling for all ages and abilities.

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by Klaus in Arts & Culture

Summer solstice fires in Tirol

Tiroleans mark the longest day of the year by lighting fires in the mountains. One of the areas with the most spectacular summer solstice celebrations can be found at the Zugspitze mountain. The tradition of summer solstice fires dates back many centuries and is today included on the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List.

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