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The Norseman on Seegrube Mountain

Snowboarding and Innsbruck go together like salt and pepper. As you’d expect for a place that is considered ‘the Birthplace of snowboarding in Europe’, their “Skyline Park” is pretty awesome. Terrain park shaper Bjarni Thor Valdimarsson, an Iceland native now living in Tirol, gives us an insight into what goes on behind the scenes.

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by Guest Author in Nature

Go with the flow

Tirol‘s central lifeline begins as a wild mountain stream at the Swiss border and rushes with impressive power through the Imster Schlucht gorge near the town of Landeck. From there it continues its journey a more gentle fashion through the rest of the region. We set out to discover life on the Inn and followed…

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by Klaus in Sports

Upstream Surfing in Tirol

Mention Tirol and the mind turns to mountains, skiing, maybe mountain biking or yodelling. But not surfing. Yet in this mountainous country thousands of miles from the seas, a growing number of landlocked surf addicts are heading for Inn River to catch a wave.

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by Michael in Sports

Wild about water: tips from a kayak veteran

Rushing streams, whirling eddies and rocks protruding above the water’s surface. What sounds like a nightmare for most right-minded people is heaven for Paul “Ted” Fieldhouse. The kayak veteran is an old hand when it comes to whitewater and enjoys sharing his passion for paddling with beginners and experienced kayakers alike.

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by Klaus in Recommendations

eMTB Riding Tips & Techniques for Beginners

The new era of electric mountain bikes promises a wider world to ride and explore. With that extra electric boost, you will be able to realize adventures that previously seemed out of reach. But how do they ride? There are a few things to consider when setting out on an electric bike versus a regular,…

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by Eva in Recommendations

8 Extreme Adventure Sports in Tirol

Are you one of those who seek an elevated heart rate? Well, these activities treat extreme sports lovers to just what they’re seeking. Everything you need for a high-adrenaline adventure is waiting in Tirol in a day, including adventure venues and companies and outfitters eager to provide a rush. No experience and equipment necessary. Here…

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