by Christina in Food & Drink

Baking Christmas Cookies – Step by Step

Outside the wind whistles and the rain pours, but inside the warm farmhouse kitchen it’s nice and cosy. The scent of freshly baked cookies fills the air and reminds me of my childhood, when we would pinch the odd biscuit straight from the tray as soon as they came out of the oven. With Christmas…

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by Klaus in Recommendations

Ten Christmas Presents from Tirol

Still haven’t got your Christmas shopping done? Don’t worry, we’ve got a few top tips for you! We have put together some of the best present ideas from Tirol catering for all tastes, interests and budgets.

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by Rosanna in Arts & Culture

10 Surprising Facts About “Silent Night! Holy Night!”

On Christmas Eve 1818, a song was born that would wing its way into the hearts of people throughout the world. Now translated into hundreds of languages, “Silent Night! Holy Night!” is sung by untold millions every December – but how did this particular tune come to achieve such popularity? Here are ten surprising (and…

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Veröffentlichung von „Stille Nacht! Heilige Nacht!“ aus dem Jahr 1832
by Rosanna in Arts & Culture

From Hawaiian to Icelandic: “Silent Night” Around the World

It was on Christmas Eve 1818, when a song that touched the world’s heart rang out for the first time in Oberndorf near Salzburg: “Silent Night! Holy Night!”. This was the humble beginning of what was to become the world’s most famous Christmas song. Translated into over 350 languages and dialects, the carol is sung…

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by Eva in Food & Drink

Seasonal Delicacies at Tirol’s Christmas Markets

In addition to classic staples, you’ll find a wonderful array of local holiday delicacies just waiting to delight your family and friends at Tirol’s Christmas Markets. The biggest culinary indicators that the holiday season has arrived in the Heart of the Alps!

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by Fabienne in Arts & Culture

Ethereal Voices from Tirol: The Wilten Boys’ Choir

Angelic voices and red jackets. The youngest is 4 years old, the oldest is over 60. Dazzling audiences worldwide with its unique blend of musical sophistication, spirited presentation, and ensemble virtuosity. Recognized as one of the finest boychoirs in the world, the Wilten Boys’ Choir tours frequently at home and abroad as preeminent ambassadors of…

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by Eva in Arts & Culture

Top 10 romantic Christmas markets in Tirol

There’s nothing better to get you in the mood for Christmas than the beautifully decorated stalls of a romantic Christmas market, a glass of punch with a cranberry Kiachl pastry, and festive tunes played by a traditional brass band. Adding to Jacob’s tips for Innsbruck’s festive markets, here’s my selection of romantic Christmas markets in…

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