Alpine Pasture

by Alexander in Bits & Pieces

Unexpected changes

Last winter, Tobias Spechter and Lukas Aichhorn made their dream come true: They became the new tenants of Lizumer Mountain Lodge (Lizumer Hütte) in the Tux Alps. Then the winter arrived, and after the winter things did not really go as expected. In this story, you will find out more about their plans, mountain lodge…

9 min. Reading time
by Sebastian Höhn in Arts & Culture

Volunteers help with the art of haymaking

When in July and August it is time to mow the Alpine pastures, many farmers’ families in Tirol prepare themselves for the busiest weeks of the year. Some of them rely increasingly on volunteers to help them. Michael Schüller is one of these volunteers. He quit his job as a controller to help the mountain…

7 min. Reading time
by Klaus in Food & Drink

Five Walks for Foodies

Your head is spinning as you try to identify a seemingly infinite array of peaks spread out before you. Your mind feels slow and calm. Calm enough to hear your tummy’s rumbling. In my eyes, hiking and refuelling over hearty delicacies go together like bacon and eggs. They say that food tastes better at altitude…

3 min. Reading time
by Sebastian Höhn in People

Being Herdsmen for a Summer

Fire, water, cattle and wood. Essentially, this is all Sarah Kofler, Janis Pönisch and their two children need each summer, when they leave their work and city life in the valley to spend two months on an ‘Alm’ high in the Austrian Alps. Tending 34 cattle in a world that you thought was long gone…

7 min. Reading time
by Klaus in Food & Drink

Burgeralm: A Haven for Cheese Lovers

Raw-milk alpine cheese, Tilsiter cheese, yogurt, butter, cured bacon… if you want to sample finest, handcrafted regional specialties, put Burgeralm Alpine Pasture Hut in Rettenschöss on your itinerary. Moreover, you can soak in the majesty of the mountains at this family-friendly place which is easily accessible and makes for a great day out.

4 min. Reading time
by Irene in Recommendations

Lavish Minimalism: Stieralm in Nauders

Originally an abandoned Alpine pasture hut at an elevation of 2,000 meters, Stieralm has been converted into one of Nauders’ loftiest fine dining experiences. It’s the most delicious way to celebrate a perfect day on the hiking trails or slopes.

5 min. Reading time
by Irene Prugger in Arts & Culture

Alpine Pasture Stories: Juifenalm in Lüsensertal Valley

En route to Juifenalm Alpine Pasture Hut you can hear the cows mooing, the hens clucking and the pigs grunting even before you arrive! This wonderful place high above Gries im Sellrain is filled with happy family life and animals. Which isn’t surprising, as this Alpine retreat is a working farm—and a true natural gem.…

5 min. Reading time
by Irene Prugger in Arts & Culture

Alpine Pasture Stories: Außermelang Alm in Wattener Lizum

Visiting Außermelang Alm Alpine Pasture Hut in the Tux Alps, chances are that you will carry more weight out than in. After all, the Alpine dairy at this chocolate box Alpine Pasture Village sells finest homemade specialties. Produced on premises, the handmade Wattental Alpine Cheese is one of the most sought-after Alpine cheeses and has…

5 min. Reading time
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