by Klaus in Food & Drink

Superfood from Tirol: “Graukäse” and “Zieger”

While the Italians are proud of their prized “parmigiano” and the French crazy about their creamy “camembert”, Tiroleans have their “Graukäse”. Though almost completely unknown outside the region, this delicious dairy delicacy definitely deserves more attention. It is made from fermented milk and not only tastes great but is also surprisingly healthy thanks to its…

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by Marion in Feel Good

Truly Natural Cosmetics: 6 Must-Try Beauty Products from Tirol

Our skin is our largest sensory organ. Through skin we perceive and feel the world outside, and we show our beauty in the way our skin appears. So if you fancy getting to grips with some truly natural and organic beauty products, full of local folk remedies and knowledge handed down from generation to generation,…

3 min. Reading time
by Eckard in Feel Good

The perfect weekend in Gradonna Mountain Resort, Kals – East Tirol

I’ve stayed in far too many average hotels recently and, initially, I approached the Gradonna Mountain Resort with scepticism. To put so huge a complex in Kal’s small, village-like atmosphere at the foot of the Grossglockner appeared to be an acquired taste at first. But after experiencing it first hand, I’ve been converted. Here’s why:…

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