Holidays with Dogs

by Felice & Peter Hardy in Sports

Hiking the Streif

To conquer Kitzbühel’s Hahnenkamm, the most exciting and challenging downhill of the Alpine Skiing World Cup, allow two minutes on race day in January – or three hours, on foot, in August. Firstly, of course, if you’re Jackson the chocolate Labrador, you have to master the magic carpet lift up to the start hut…

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by Guest Author in Sports

Advice for Dog Owners when Walking in the Mountains

Verena-Annabella, a Tirol-based blogger and graphic designer, loves to take her dogs to the great outdoors. All it takes is a few basic precautions walkers can follow to make their trip as safe as possible, for both them and the animals they come across, as she highlights in this guest blog post.

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by Christina in Recommendations

Bring Your Dog to Tirol

To simply put it, having a dog has changed my life. Dogs have the added benefit of needing to be walked and played with. This means that my furry companion encourages me to exercise more, which boosts my mood and energy levels. Getting up in the morning is more fun, as my ‘alarm clock’ greets…

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