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The Reutte Helicopter Rescue Team

Searches for lost hikers, ski accidents or broken legs—when the location is remote and challenging in and around the mountains of Reutte, RK-2 helicopter’s rescue team is called upon. On board is Florian Selb who volunteers his time and expertise in the service of people who need assistance.

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by Klaus in People

The DJ at the Mother of all Après Ski Bars

MooserWirt in St. Anton, “The Mother of all Après Ski Bars” epitomizes the après scene—and DJ Gerhard’s signature tunes send the crowd into an après frenzy that has to be seen to be believed. He has been spinning the turntables for 25 years and is still going strong.

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Tirol Botschafter Gunnar Munthe
by Theresa in People

The Awesome Norse

A young Swedish economics student dropped out of university, ran away to the Tirolean Alps and bought a bar beside a ski run above St. Anton. His name was Gunnar Munthe and at his bar he presided over the evolution of a new kind of après ski, turning a once-genteel activity into something raucous and…

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Summit Stories: Kilian Scheiber and Wildspitze Mountain

The Iceman’s name is not Ötzi. The Iceman’s name is Kilian Scheiber. A Vent-native, this mountain guide has bagged the peak of Wildspitze for more than 400 times – although it was not exactly what you would call love at first sight between him and the highest mountain of North Tirol (and Austria’s second tallest).

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by Michael in People

Summit Stories: Bernhard Neumann and Olperer Mountain

This man has bagged the 3,476-meter peak of Olperer for more than 100 times: Bernhard Neumann’s appreciation and respect for this lofty giant in Inner Zillertal Valley grew with each attempt to get there. We tried to get some good pictures of Olperer. With the help of Bernhard.

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by Michael in People

Summit Stories: Guido Unterwurzacher and Wilder Kaiser Mountain

His uncle took Guido Unterwurzacher, 12 years old at the time, along on a climbing trip in rugged Wilder Kaiser Mountain Range. Today, the Going resident is one of the most prolific mountaineering guides and rock climbers in the area, always looking for adventure wherever he goes. I joined him on an easy trek, yet…

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by Michael in People

One Out of 739 Thousand: How Benoît came to Tirol from France

It sounds like a modern fairytale: How a young man from France, who is a passionate snowboarder, gets a job as an aerospace engineer in Tirol. And how a tragic accident inspired him to live his dream. This is the story of Benoît Caillaud, one out of the 739,000 people living in Tirol.

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