Rock Climbing

by Klaus in Sports

Five Rock Climbing Areas for All Ages

Climbing builds self-esteem, improves strength and balance, and teaches how to focus on a task. Rock climbing in the great outdoors of Tirol is a wonderful opportunity for families to exercise together while having fun. Here are five outstanding family-friendly rock climbing areas that offer fantastic scrambling for all ages and abilities.

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by Mathea in Sports

Fit for Climbing

Summer is just around the corner and with it the main climbing season in Tirol. However, before you hit the rocks, it is a good idea to prepare your body for the specific demands of rock climbing. Strong arms are, of course, important, but climbers also need a strong core. Austria’s climbing world champion Jakob…

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by Michael in Sports

Five Climbing Routes for Total Rock Jocks

Ever wondered what those numbers and letters beside the route names mean? Climbing grades are a mysterious dark art for most, only the craggy hardest rock jock spends their evenings in the pub discussing these runes. The scale progresses upwards; the higher the number, the harder the problem. Letters ‘a’ ‘b’ ‘c’ and ‘+’ can…

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by Anne in Sports

Climbing Gear: Here’s What You Need to Go Climbing

I love the sun on my back on outdoor rock. I love the social experience involved with climbing. Moreover, of course, I love giving myself a wonderful whole body workout. Whether you’re strictly a gym climber, prefer outdoor rock, or enjoy a mix of the two, make sure you have the appropriate gear for the…

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