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Summer solstice fires in Tirol

Tiroleans mark the longest day of the year by lighting fires in the mountains. One of the areas with the most spectacular summer solstice celebrations can be found at the Zugspitze mountain. The tradition of summer solstice fires dates back many centuries and is today included on the UNESCO Cultural Heritage List.

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by Christina in Arts & Culture

Of Giants, Kings and Monsters: Tales of Tirol.

Tiroler Sagen sind alte Geschichten über wundersame Ereignisse und ungewöhnliche Begegnungen in Tirol, übertragen von Generation zu Generation. Die Geschichten sollen sich genauso zugetragen haben. Ob ein wahrer Kern dabei ist oder nicht, kann keiner wissen. Manche Zeugnisse aus dieser Zeit sprechen dafür. Ein paar meiner Lieblingssagen möchte ich euch hier vorstellen.

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Foto: Norbert Span
by Kristina in Arts & Culture

Mountains on fire: the Herz Jesu celebrations in Tirol.

The Herz Jesu Fires in Tirol have a proud tradition dating back more than 200 years. Each June the region’s mountains come to life as locals celebrate the summer solstice. Hubert Pedevilla from the Stubai Valley has been involved for many decades in this ancient tradition which sees burning hearts and crucifixes light up the…

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